Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rimba 880 Power Box Unit: Electrosex review

The Rimba 880 comes in a nicely package box with the female version on one side and the male on the other. This unit comes with a LCD screen that displays all the different settings and functions. The set has a dual-channel box, four electro adhesive gel pads, Two bi-polar leads and includes 3 AAA batteries two get you started. There are 2 output jacks for double the fun and 16 levels of intensity weak to strong. A deep-cure button was added to change the wave length and send electrical impulses deeper into the body. My Rimba has 7 different modes of pleasure, acupuncture, massage, slow stroke, scrapping, naprapathy, united stroke and cupping. All seven modes can be selected with the automatic key. This will give you about 20 min. of  electrifying fun.

My girl and I were very excited when our Rimba Power Box and toys arrived in the mail. We quickly opened the box like two kids at Christmas filled with the anticipation of the unknown. We quickly read through the instructions and the warnings. I put the batteries in and looked at her with total lust and said, who goes first. We were both a little nervous at first not wanting to be the genie pig. After a few minutes of playing with it on my arm i decided to give it a try. The first mistake was not getting the conductive gel which was causing some hot spots from the penis bands I bought to go with the unit. I solved this problem with a little bit of lube to help conduct the current into the skin better. This seems to be very important so make sure you pick some up with your unit. Once I got used to the first level of intensity I was able to increase it up to about 5 or 6 before it became to much for me. I can't imagine what this thing would feel like on 16. There is plenty of power for you freaks who want to really punish your self.  With a little bit of practise I was getting crazy intense orgasms with all kinds of tingling sensation. My favorite modes are the massage and the cupping. It felt like I was being massaged by an electrified hand.

For my beautiful little love kitten I bought  the torpedo plug. She was hesitant at first so I tied her up and, just kidden. The idea is to trust the person you are with. I hooked her up with 2 electro pads on the insides of her thighs with her torpedo at the same time. Start out on the lowest setting or you will send her running for the hills. She liked the power set to level three in the massage or cupping mode. This is where she found a lot of intense pleasures pulsating through her. Making her muscles expand and contract with a electrifying intense pleasures. She also said she still had a tingling sensation when we had sex afterwords causing her to cum very fast with a intense orgasm.

We both concluded that the Rimba power box is a very exciting addition to our sex life. It is reasonably prised and works with a wide verity of toys and accessories. Some attachment will require adapors for connecting in toys from other companies. The only thing we thought could improve this product would be gel pads that stick better because when they start to peel they sometimes cause hot spots from the current jumping to the skin. We also think a back light for the LCD screen would allow you two see it better at night. This is a awesome product for both male and female and works great for those lonely night when you are all alone.

 Please share any comments questions or experance you've had and heck back for my toys and accessories reviews

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Electrosex Stimulation

Electrosex is a very erotic way to bring you and your partner to the next level of intense ecstasy. It falls more in the bdsm category and is growing more popular with  the mainstream world. It could bring a  hands free mind blowing orgasms for both males or females. There is a broad range of intensity that can take you  from a tantalizing tingle to walking the line between pain and pleasure. These devices work by sending electrical impulses flowing through the skin into the body stimulating the participants nerves. Causing the muscles to pulse and contract with a sensation of being massaged from the inside out. These sensations can be controlled by the different frequency's that are passing through the body.

There are many different units to chose from on the market ranging in price from 70-600 dollars depending on how much you want to spend. Most of the power box units come with the lead wires and adhesive gel pads to get you started. You will probably want to  purchase additional toys and attachments for added fun. Some of  the deluxe box's give you total controls over the intensity and the mode selection's  that let you  change the sensations that you feel. Depending on which power box you choose they come with either unipolar or bipolar electrode attachments. Units that come with multi channels allow you to hock up more then one person for a crazy good time or put all of the electrodes on one lucky person and give them the time of there life. Some people said it took many tries to have an orgasm but once they achieved it they describe it as being very pleasurable and some even said it was the best experience of there life. Every one's body process the sensations differently so it may take a little time to get used to the settings and find what works best for you. Less expensive units can be purchased that range from 30 to 60 dollars these are stand alone units that do not allow you to inter change the attachments with other accessories. It pays to shop around because I found that there is a huge difference in price from one company to the next.

With all of the different toys and accessories there should be no shortage of erotic pleasures.There are many different Dildos, Anal plugs, Nipple Clamps, Wands and if your very adventures Urethral  probes.To avoid disappointment when placing your order  make sure your toy is compatible with your power box. You will need wire adaptors to make connections between certain  brands of toys and accessories. With an  adaptor they work well with one another.

Despite the very low amount of current that comes out of these units  I can not forget you to tell  about all of the safety warnings. Through out the Internet you will find  danger warnings regarding electrosex and how you can electrocute your self  and even cause death. I don't know the truth behind any of the rumors or if there were any existing health problems.  I think it should go with out saying, you should not put any electrical charges through you heart. You can do this by touching bare electrods with both of your hands this could complete a circuit across your heart. Some of the instruction manuals say to shut down the unit and to ware rubber or latex gloves when handling any electrods or accessories. This is to prevent any charges from passing through the chest. If your not sure read your instruction manual for all precautions and keep all play activities below the belt. My lady and I think that with a little common sense  it can be a safe and fun experience that you will not forget.

Please check back soon for a product review of the Rimba Electrosex Power Box. This power box is a duel channel unit that should hopefully rock our worlds. I will give you a detailed description of what my girl and I thought about this unit.

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